The Making the Most of Masters project ended in 2016. This website is no longer updated, but it is available here as an archive.

Glossary and Acknowledgements

Glossary of Terms:

The following terms should be interpreted as described below.

academic/ or project supervisor: a member of staff from an academic programme who supervises students’ masters projects in relation to the scholarly content of their work.

dissertation: In UK universities, a dissertation is an extended piece of writing based on extended reading and independent research at Undergraduate or Masters level. 

masters project: the research/dissertation element of a masters programme that demonstrates that the student can show proficiency in research and/or analytical skills relevant to advanced work in the discipline. It is typically worth 60 credits at SCQF level 11.

organisation: all places where a student may undertake a project outside of their university department, or with whom they are working in collaboration. This includes companies, local authorities, research institutes, charities etc.

organisation supervisor: a member of staff in an organisation who oversees a WBP student on behalf of the organisation.

placement: A work experience placement is specific organised work by a student for an organisation. The aim is for the participant to gain knowledge, skills and experience and may be paid or unpaid, be credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing.

programme/academic programme: a full-time masters degree, which usually lasts twelve months, with most programmes beginning in September or October.

Work Based Project (WBP): a masters project which is undertaken in collaboration with an organisation. WBPs may be based primarily onsite (the student works at the organisation) or offsite (the student is based at their university doing research on behalf of the organisation).

WBP Staff: Institution staff member who has overall responsibility for WBPs. This includes sourcing projects, maintaining records and being aware of all communication.

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The Making the Most of Masters methodology and resources have been developed by the following:

University of Aberdeen:

Peter Fantom

Zachary Hickman

Kate Robertson

Wendy Rudland

Abertay University:

Alastair Robertson

Jennifer Smith

Nia White

University of Dundee:

Lorraine Anderson

Eric Monaghan

Edinburgh Napier University:

Sally Smith

Sharon Homan-James

Chinaza Okerie

Owen Roberts

Maureen Ronaldson

Highlands and Islands Enterprise:

Morven Cameron

Karla Sam-Sin

University of Highlands and Islands:

Nicola Smith

University of Edinburgh:

Louise Chalmers

Louise Connelly

Diane Gill

Ross Howie 

Neil Lent

Martin McCann

David McNaughton

Karsten Moerman

Donna Murray

Ravinder Panesar

Frances Parry

Caroline Pope

Sue Rigby

Alison Treacy 

Jon Turner

University of Stirling:

Rosemary Allford

Eunice Atkins

Emily Bell

Pamela Crawford

Jacqueline Cunningham

Lesley Grayburn

Ian Simpson

Russell Whyte

University of Strathclyde:

Susanne Boyle

Anna Selwood

Debbie Wilson

The University of West of Scotland:

Frances Rowan

Anne McGillivray